Univers Labs

We are an Oxford-based software agency creating headlining interactive experiences on mobile platforms. We deliver bespoke iOS and Android apps, websites, and forward-looking infrastructure for the most ambitious and exacting clients.

We’re culture-savvy developers, with a keen eye for great ideas; we engage our clients in dialogue, zero in on content and features which generate buzz.

At Univers Labs, usability and functionality are equally important to our app designs. Our goals are to cultivate elegant user experiences, instant connections with friends through social media, and strong wins, always, for a client’s brand. With that said, we never neglect functionality. We build our apps atop rock-solid, cloud-based platforms, using the latest software stacks, to ensure that our clients can focus on reaching their audience, rather than chasing bugs.

Time and again, we’ve found that flexibility is what wins the day. We’re as adept at working with existing systems as we are at building new ones from scratch; we tailor our software to work with both high-end smartphones and IE8 alike. We put the Web in the hands of clients and users of all kinds, everywhere.



Music App

The Middle East

Interactive Information Graphic


Social Media App

The Evolution of Western Dance Music

Interactive Infographic

Messages Tout Chocolat

Promotional Installation

Weather Spinners

Multichannel Weather Visualisation


Interactive Magazine

Bon Soirée

Private Jet Fine Dining App

Godiva Catalogue

Point of Sale iPad App

Where Should I go on Holiday?

Interactive Infographic